Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Dreaded "My Passion"...

Being asked to write about "My Passion" brings me back to the dreaded days in school when you were asked to write an essay on your hobbies and interests.

It was in that moment you suddenly realised that in actual fact, you didn't have any. You didn't play sport, you couldn't paint and you didn't go horse riding or paragliding or do anything else at the weekend.

I was always the child left sitting at the table, chewing on the end of my pen, trying to decide on something I could suddenly be passionate about. But I was always left feeling like the totally uninspired nobody of the class- who had no hobby, no talent and just generally no personality at all.

But over the years I have began to realise that passion doesn't just come in the form of idle recreational activities- it can be any type of feeling or emotion on anything at all really.

So with that in mind, being the emotional, heart-on-sleeve type of girl that I am, I have realised that I am actually passionate about so many things.

But if I was to choose one in particular for that dreaded "My Passion" assignment, it would be the world. Simply, the world.

At this point it seems like I am going reflect over some life changing experiences from a recent gap year, when I travelled the world to find myself or something - but I never took that gap year. I never went trekking in the Andes, surfing on Bonzai beach or elephant riding in Thailand.

Although anytime I have been lucky enough to travel, I have always been so fascinated by anywhere that wasn't home. I love the feeling of being in a place you do not know, where every one's day to day life - which is so different from yours- is the most intriguing thing ever.

I love being surrounded by different languages- being right in the middle of a place that doesn't understand you, and you don't quite understand it either.

I love the sights of other countries- the way even a simple street will still seem so foreign and different because it won't be one you have seen before, and it will always differ from any other in the next place you visit.

I could go on to describe every place I have ever been in every country I have already travelled to, but I won't do that right now.

At the moment, I am just happy to have realised that I am no longer that boring, uninspired child sitting with a pen in my mouth and no feelings on anything. I am just happy to realise that all those thoughts and feelings I have on the world and on life in general- they are my passion. And there is certainly going to be a lot more of those posted here in the near future...

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